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after work mood and beach ball

solo exhibition, CoinCoin Space, Zurich, 21.2.24 - 4.3.24


Playground Legends

exhibition with Jill Winnie Moser, Galerie 710, Winterthur, 22.8 -15.9. 2024




my mother, my sister and I at the opening of the exhibition
"after work mood and beach ball" at CoinCoin Offspace Zurich , 2024



with friends from Buenos Aires in the installation
"Yarlajrrot" at BSM Art Building, Buenos Aires, 2023


first day Badenfahrt with Luca's huge painting
in the flower garden
, 2023



The Banner Gallery, which was created at Rheingasse
in response to the construction site scenario, is still on view, 2023


Last day of Luca's one-year studio scholarship
at the Zeughausareal Uster, 2023


Posters of various artists were distributed throughout the city of Winterthur.
Thank you Kunstkasten Winterthur for the great initiative, 2023



artist talk at Galerie Weiertal
with Adrian Mebold, Kathrin Bänziger and Guido Vorburger, 2023



Opening of the exhibition Heimspiel
at Photobastei Zurich, 2023


Seraina and Luca's friends at the opening of
"free swimming lessons for everyone", 2023


24bef721-1b6a-4c52-954f-c71250ac7a24 2.JPG

opening of the solo exhibition "fairy tale castle points to the stars"
Galerie Visarte Zürich, 2022



artist talk moderated by Anabel Roque Rodriguez
Villa Sträuli, Winterthur, 2022



ZETT - Magazine of the ZHdK shows a photo series about Luca's paintings, 2022


Luca Harlacher-Vebikus-web-47.jpg

Luca Harlacher with his curator André Bless in front of his installation
at the Vebikus Kunsthalle Schaffhausen, 2022, photo: Lara Vehovar


artist talk moderated by Yasmin Afschar

Vebikus Kunsthalle Schaffhausen, 2022, photo: Lara Vehovar


Luca Harlacher receives a grant from the akku Uster association
and moves into his new studio in the Zeughausareal Uster, 2022




Luca Harlacher shows his family the new painting

at the group exhibition Last Words from the periphery III, 2022


visitors are searching for the right toys in the Schaufenster Atelier 62 in Schaan, 2022



opening of the group exhibition IL CIRCOLO DEL FRATTEMPO 
SPOILER, Berlin, 2022



Luca Harlacher starts his 6 month studio scholarship in Berlin
which he received from the city of Winterthur, 2022


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